Army green pants with what t-shirt。

How to match the army green shorts

Army green pants can be worn with black, white and yellow T-shirts. The military green is actually not very good with the clothes. If it is not good, it will be black, and the whole wear will be very temperament. Army green shorts in the style of matching should be simple and comfortable, the color should be able to set off the handsome green.

Army Green Shorts + Black T-Shirt

Choosing a mid-rise slim military green shorts and a black T-shirt will have a sense of majesty, and the overall is very handsome. Simply wearing a pair of sunglasses or a black hat on the accessory adds a lot of masculinity, a very chic feeling, and friends who like cool wear style can try this method.

Army Green Shorts + White T-Shirt

It is good to choose the military green shorts of cotton and linen and the simple white T-shirt. The T-shirt is better to have some self-cultivation, which can better line the waistline and appear thinner. Cotton and linen material military green shorts and white T-shirt are very suitable, stepping on a pair of small white shoes on the feet, simple art.

Army Green Shorts + Yellow T-Shirt

The combination of military green shorts and yellow T-shirts is a bold way to wear. T-shirts have a better texture and are lighter and thinner, so as to set off the texture of the green shorts. Choose an A-line shorts to perfectly show the proportion of the body, the whole dress is very thin and more fashionable.


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