In the hot summer, how come there are few shorts in the closet!

How to match shorts

Shorts can be worn with T-shirts, shirts, slings, and so on. Shorts are a versatile piece, not only can show the girls’ long legs, shorts with different tops can also wear different styles of charm, mastering the matching skills of shorts can easily make you stand out in the crowd, full of beauty.

1.T-shirt + shorts

The most versatile and comfortable fit in the summer is shorts with a T-shirt. If you want to have a personality, you can choose the hole or the torn edge of the shorts, or you can choose paper shorts. Black T-shirt with black shorts to highlight the long legs, and with a yellow bag and black dull feeling, a versatile little white shoes on the feet, to enhance the overall temperament.

2.Shorts + shirt

The shirt has a lot of plasticity, which makes it easy to put on a comfortable and elegant style. The denim shorts with shirts and shredded elements are very sweet in the summer. The elegant white shirt with high-waist A-line shorts can make the legs look slimmer and straight.

3.Shorts + camisole

The coolest combination in the summer is the shorts with vest straps. The vest strap is very fashionable, and it has a bit of retro flavor in the high-waist shorts. The black sling is very cool in summer, and the sexy charm of the girl is highlighted. With high-waist denim shorts and flat shoes, cool travel.

4.Shorts + one shoulder

A sexy and temperament word on the shoulders of the summer shorts. A white one-shoulder top with a polka-dot design and high-rise jeans, is not very long legs, and a white high-heeled shoes on the feet will be more outstanding.


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